Wednesday, December 30, 2015

There's No Place Like Home

'Tis the season!  A belated happy holidays to you all, and wishes for a very Happy New Year!  The Husband and I just returned from a week-long trip to our hometown in Ohio and while it was wonderful to see family and friends (and especially my granddaughter, Nora), I am so happy to be home where the sun actually shines.  As much as I love my home state in the spring, summer, and fall, my love waxes cold (pun intended) during the winter months.  Interestingly enough, the temperatures were warmer than usual for the first part of our visit, although skies were the typical dismal winter gray that drove me South to begin with (any other Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers out there? Can I get an "amen"?).  The day before we left, down came both the rain and the temperatures.  It was 33 degrees the morning we departed.  We were at 65 degrees on the coast yesterday.  


At a rest area in Alabama

I. Am. Home.

I didn't knit many things for Christmas gifts this year, but I did do a few things for Nora:

Nora's Happy Cardigan

Corkscrew Tassel Hat
Mittens I improvised based on THIS pattern

I've linked to my Ravelry pages for all the projects because I'm just too lazy to link to both the patterns AND the yarns used.  The cardi is not as visually disturbing in reality as it is in this picture.  And I have to say, I had to split the plies of yarn down to one ply to make the tiny corkscrews for the mittens, but it was so worth it.  

I also knit hats for both my son and my daughter-in-law:

For my son

And for my DIL

The hat for my DIL is knit from soft, wonderful, 100% alpaca.  I may need to do another colorwork hat in this stuff.  It's absolutely scrummy.

And a pair of felted slippers for my mom:

French Press Slippers

The slippers are a little wonky, but not bad for my first attempt at felting.  The felting took forEVER.  Okay, not really.  What really took forEVER was waiting for them to dry.

The best part of my trip heart - baby Nora: