Wednesday, August 16, 2017

In Which I May Be A Hot Mess

I swear it was just a week or so ago when I posted last.  I’m missing time or something.  Or maybe…

Okay, didn’t happen.  If it had, I’d have taught them how to knit.  I’d have yarn-bombed their ship.  I’d have…oh, never mind.

I have been knitting.  I knitted a totally rocking sweater using this fabulous yarn that I absolutely love.  That was months ago.  Do I have a picture of it yet?  No.  Maybe for my next quarterly post (she shames herself).

Let’s see, what random pictures DO I have to show you (flips through iPhone pictures).

The second of a pair of socks.  Just a plain sock out of my head.  Top down with an afterthought heel.  Don’t tell her, but they’re for my daughter.  They’re veeeeee - gan.  Wool-free yarn.  I like the colors and who doesn’t love self-patterning yarn?  Makes you look more talented than you really are and I’m all for that.  

Made a great shawl.  I'll make more of these.  This time, I used this yarn. Trying to bust the stash a little.

Incidentally, love Louise Tilbrook

And a “scarflette”, whatever that is.  It's from a Jimmy Beans Wool Big Beanie Bag.  Can't find the pattern on Ravelry, but it has Neapolitan in the title.  Um, yeah.

Try not to be amazed at my fabulous photography skills

I knitted a bunny for my boo using this.  She turned two in June.  TWO.  I don’t know where the time went.  And a little sweater.  I mean, I knitted a little sweater.  The sweater didn't go anywhere.  This is award-winning prose, right here people.

I think she liked it.

And speaking of grandchildren, I’M GONNA HAVE ANOTHER ONE! Long about March.  And I have been working on my baby knitting list.  Happy, happy news!  It’s what keeps me going, since in the few months since the last post, my cancer returned and we lost one of our sweet fur-babies.  But enough of that talk.  No time to be bummed when there’s a baby on the way.

I’m off to stalk baby knitting patterns on Ravelry.