Friday, August 30, 2013

Time Stood Still

Okay, time didn’t really stand still, but it felt like it.  I decided before I began my Christmas knitting this year, I’d knit up a quick bulky cardi for myself that I’ve been planning to do since last winter.  I love the pattern:  Iced by Carol Feller.  I’ve done two of them before and given them as gifts.  The sweater is a simple knit and goes very quickly with bulky yarn.  I have had some Katia Peru* in my stash that I got a real deal on at the shop quite a while ago and I had earmarked some in green for my very own Iced. 

Even the sleeves knit up quickly on this thing but then I got to the part where I needed to knit on the collar and front garter-stitch panels.  The panels need to be knit to six inches wide.  I swear, I spent as much time knitting the front panels on this sweater as I did on all the rest of it.  You think, “Garter stitch…piece of cake.  I’ll have this done in no time.”  Maybe it was just the monotony of constant garter stitch that slowed me down, but it took me for-EVER.  I don’t remember the same problem with the two I did for gifting.  Hmmm…

The good news is, I finished the thing, even though I stayed up until midnight last night doing it.  It’s in the sink for a good soak at the moment so I can block it and finish the buttons in the next day or so.  The Katia Peru feels nice, but I did not notice when I bought it that it has some alpaca in it.  I like alpaca, but it sheds.  A lot.  I have several more skeins of this in some neutral colors that I’ll have to ponder what to use it for.  Any ideas? 

I have planned nearly all of my Christmas knitting already, and I’m proud to say that I am able to knit every single gift this year out of my stash.  Since The Husband and I are still packing away funds for our new home, I’m continuing my self-imposed yarn embargo.  Thankfully, my trips to the fiber festival in May and my yarn shop tour in Indianapolis last June have proven to be more than just boondoggles.  And I plan to have a lot less stress this year since I’m only knitting one sweater/top.  I certainly learned last year what ambition on steroids can do to you, and when it comes to Christmas knitting, time definitely does NOT stand still.  Have you started your Christmas knitting?

I feel like I’m finally getting my bearings after having started my job three weeks ago, so I’m sending off some things today to my sister-in-law for her to work her photography magic on.  When I get the photos back, I’ll have lots to share, including three patterns I’ve designed and will release over the next several weeks.  So exciting! 

Thanks for sticking with me through my blogging stutter over the last few weeks.  Now that I’ve got my groove back (if I ever really had a groove – I’m unconvinced), I hope to be posting regularly.


*Since Peru is super-bulky, I adjusted my needle size.

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  1. That is a lovely sweater pattern! I have knit with Knit Pick's City Tweed before and it has some alpaca in it. I haven't had any problems with is shedding. Hopefully your yarn will be the same.

    And about the Christmas knitting - please don't ask.

    1. Well, it's not like you've had nothing else to do but plan Christmas! : )


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