Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Day!

“Hello, my name is Lisa, and it’s been 20 days since my last blog post…”

I’ve emerged from my turkey coma this evening long enough to try and get a post up since the dust is gathering on this blog.  It’s been a very good day with The Husband and my daughter.  We feasted on the traditional fare of the day, eventually.  I say “eventually” because one tradition I never miss on this day is the annual “event in which the timing of Thanksgiving dinner is thrown completely off.” 

This tradition began several years ago with the very first Thanksgiving dinner I attempted to cook at my own home.  The short version is, my stove had been moved out from the wall for some reason which now eludes me, and when it got put back, the plug did not get pushed fully back into the outlet.  This gave the stove just enough juice to turn on the light that indicated the oven was on, but not enough juice to actually heat the oven.  Two hours later I still had a cold bird, hence the timing problem.  Throughout the years when I have cooked the meal, there have been various such events, all with the same effect of keeping everyone waiting to eat.

This year was no exception…

His best "I'm starving" look
This year’s “event” was due to my own poor planning.  I had two pies to bake and a cold dessert that is always made the day before and yet last night this particular bit of knowledge went missing completely.  This morning, when I realized what I’d (not) done, I started the cold dessert right away but then in a flash of stupidity, I put the pies in to bake before the turkey instead of putting them in after the meal was cooked (because really, who ever has room for pie until after the initial turkey coma has passed?) and the pumpkin pie stubbornly refused to get done.  True to form, we ate precisely two hours later than I had planned.  And we were thankful.  At least all the food turned out very good.

Our house is set to be finished by the middle of December, so things are getting a little crazy in trying to get ready for the move.  By crazy, I do NOT mean that I’ve actually packed more than a couple of boxes.  That would be way too organized.  Instead, I plan to pack everything in two days’ time in a frantic rush, piling things haphazardly into boxes that will be too heavy to lift.  And yes, I’m okay with that.

On the knitting front, I’m trying to stay focused on Christmas stuff in the limited time I have to actually knit and I have been only partially successful.  Two projects in the works, two more not even started, one is all finished but the seaming – will I be done in time?  Perhaps, as long as I keep my knitting out of the overstuffed moving boxes.

So here’s a little poetic rundown of what’s on (or soon to be on) my needles:

Something pink

And something blue.

Something for my mother, too:

Something orange, and violet,
<--Something not even started yet.

This day we give thanks for all
Our blessings, both the big and small.
Among their number are you, my friends
And this is where my poem ends.

Cheesy, I know, and yet I couldn’t seem to help myself.  Must be the turkey…




  1. It's nice to see a blog post from you. I worry about my blogging friends when they suddenly go silent!

    I think the only way to avoid turkey disasters is to switch to ham. Can you tell I have had several turkey set-backs of my own? :-)

    You must be getting so excited to move into your new house! Here's one small moving tip. If you are going to throw stuff in boxes right before you move be sure you at least take the time to carefully pack and label a few boxes with the things you will need to get your hands on right away. It is very frustrating to have to search through approximately 78 boxes looking for one small item.

    1. Thanks for the advice, I know you're right about the packing and I will certainly be keeping track of my knitting items. What else could possibly be very important? : )

  2. Glad to hear you got a delicious meal, even if it was a tad late! Good luck with the move, thats very exciting! (well it will be once you are in!)

    1. Thanks! It looks like we'll be moved in with just enough time before Christmas to put up the tree and get all the boxes at least into their proper rooms!


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