Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sweater Love

Just a quick note today to show off my finished Wyeth cardigan and I must say…


The Husband got some good pics this morning out by the lake in which I don’t look terribly hideous and so I’m one happy knitter.

Behold, on the ground!

The Husband loves the picture to the right.  I think it's stupid, but he was nice enough to postpone what he was doing this morning to take pictures for me so I'm posting it just for him.  For the record, I was pointing to some blackberries that are growing on the slope that goes down to the lake in our back yard.  I had no idea they were there.  

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I’m SO ready to cast on another project that is not socks.  I’m still on my sock kick, but that only works for me if I have something else on needles that are larger than size 2 to break the monotony (I’m currently suffering from 2nd sock syndrome…can you tell?).  

Unfortunately, I’ve looked at hundreds of patterns on Rav and nothing has inspired me so far.  It has really frustrated me to no end this week.  With all those patterns to choose from, why the problem?  

Here’s why:

I’ve got everything I need to start Carol Feller’s Sandy Cove cardigan, including some yummy madelinetosh yarn.  I bought this pattern even before it was published because I was so excited about it.  It's adorable.  So...what's keeping me from casting on?  Short rows.  Yep, Carol Feller is famous for them and the few times I’ve done them, the result has not been stellar.  It's picking up the wraps that wreck my knitting serenity.  I stink at it (although, it has been forEVER since I tried short rows--'cause, you know, I sucked at it).  I now realize that the reason I have felt so desperate to find another pattern is because I’m in complete avoidance of the obvious choice.  

Don’t worry, I WILL screw up the courage to start this project.  I did register for a free class on Craftsy in which Carol Feller herself teaches on short rows.  I'm sure I'll learn a lot.  Eventually.  In the meantime, if I just happen to run across another pattern that captures my attention, well…


P.S.--Last summer at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival, I picked up some madelinetosh tosh merino light in both tart and jade, one of which I'll be using for my Sandy Cove.  Just so I can't use it as another reason to delay casting on, help me decide on a color!  What say ye?


  1. I always choose green, but that raspberry is gorgeous!
    Also, I love your Wyeth! It's beautiful and you make it look even better. Tell the husband dem some nice pickters. ;)

  2. That's a beautiful Wyeth! And hmm... I'd have to go with the jade. I'm also wary of short rows because I haven't had much experience with them, but I'm sure that the Craftsy class will be a big help. (Is it still free?)

    1. Yes, it is! It's listed under "Free Mini Classes"!

  3. I love your Cardigan, it looks perfect!

    Both gorgeous yarns, I'd probably go with the red!

    1. Thanks, Sarah!

      The red IS gorgeous, isn't it? :-)

  4. Your sweater is stunning, Lisa! And the pictures are great as well. Perhaps your husband could give mine some photography tips. :-)

    It's funny you should say that about having trouble with picking up the wraps on short rows. I used to have the same trouble, but somehow don't any more. I have no idea what finally "clicked" in my brain, but it's nice to not have my heart rate increase now when I see a pattern calls for short rows. I'm sure the Craftsy class will help.

    1. Oh, Kristie, your pictures are always beautiful! But I'll let TH know you liked them. Maybe I'll convince him to take some more when I've finished the next project!

      As for short rows, I'm glad to know there is hope!

    2. The beautiful pictures are the ones I get people other than my husband to take. Seriously. He is awful. Part of the problem is he is 6'4" and I am 5'4". I can not for the life of me convince him he needs to bend down a bit so the pictures don't look like they are shot from a helicopter. :-)

    3. Ha! Funny thing is, my husband grumbled a bit about bending down to get the shots above! Must be a husband thing... ;-)

  5. Your Wyeth came out beautifully! I love the tan color with the arrow details - very earthy.

    I really dislike w&t shortrows. Mine come out looking so ugly and messy and I can't ever get purl w&t's to look even remotely normal. I have since switched to German short rows. They work without a w&t. I highly recommend it - now my short rows come out looking much nicer and I don't have to try and find those pesky wraps.

    1. Thanks, Brandy! I'll look up German short rows. Love reading your blog--you always have so many tips that really help!


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