Thursday, August 7, 2014



I know it's been a while since my last post and I know I keep telling you I'll get better about it or that I hope I'll get better about it and I'm definitely NOT getting better about it so you'll have to chalk it all up to my being completely delusional about how much time I'll have to do stuff and I totally beg your forgiveness.

That said...

I HAVE made some progress on the knitting front. It is hard, you see, with this view drawing me outside:

Unfortunately, artificial light outside not only defeats the beauty of the sunsets, but also draws all of the mutant bugs that are native to South Mississippi, so I don't get any knitting done while I'm sitting on our deck in the evening.

I have pressed on in between sunsets and am happy to report I cast on my Scott Base socks a short while ago and I absolutely love these socks already. The stitch pattern is simple and easily memorized, but not boring and is totally addictive! So glad I chose this pattern!

I've also gotten to the point with my Midsummer Aran (aka The Lacy Beast) where I have started a sleeve:

Knitters Pride Nova

I had stalled for a bit due to those bamboo needles you see in the picture. The problem is, I hate them. With a passion. They slow me way down and the tips are as blunt as the tip of a pencil eraser. I know it's hard to believe after having sworn off DPNs early in my knitting experience, and especially metal DPNs, that I bought these--->

They came in yesterday. I'm getting ready to switch after I post this so I can make some real time on the sleeve. I'd like to actually wear this thing before I need a jacket outdoors.

For everything else in the works (baby stuff still waiting on yarn and buttons, and mom's vest still unseamed and unfinished), I'm in complete denial. What baby things? What vest? It's not that I don't want to finish these things. I can't wait to see them all finished. But getting buttons requires a trip to the only store around with buttons worth buying in the next town, the yarn still isn't in stock, and seaming...that requires seaming, which I don't enjoy and anything I don't enjoy requires something called discipline. Discipline is what I use up every day when I get up and drag myself to work. There's none left when I get home. I'm sure I'll come up with some extra trickle of it eventually, but today's not that month week day.

The three pictures above are lousy. Lousier than usual. This is due to the fact that my nearly 13 year old dachshund, Daisy, is spoiled and hasn't been feeling well. This combination means she gets to sit with me on the sofa in the evenings. The pictures above were taken while said dachshund was firmly ensconced in the middle of my personal space. If you look at the picture of the sleeve, you'll see a portion of Her Highness on the left. Yes, I'm a sap and I didn't want to move her. Not only is taking pictures in this fashion not ideal, but trying to write a blog post ends up looking like this:

Spoiled rotten

You may be surprised she would allow me to perch my tablet on her back, but when she settles in with me, she's pretty much a moosh. An old, fat moosh. Love. This. Dog.

Do you ever procrastinate on something? Do tell!



  1. My cat snuggles next to my laptop, tries to sit on it while I am using it and would probably go under it if she could. I decided it is the heat from the laptop that she likes.

  2. Oh, I procrastinate on everything - blogging included! I'm glad you're giving DPNs another chance; I'm one of those people who absolutely love using them.


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