Monday, April 13, 2015

Outback (Read: Out Back)

It’s Monday and I actually had a semi-sane day at work (Mondays are usually the craziest), which means I actually got off work on time and home at a decent hour.  That means that I was able to get supper together without fuss (well, sort of - but that’s material for another post) and had some of the evening to actually enjoy.  It has been raining in South Mississippi for a couple of days now but there was this lovely reprieve from the rain this evening when the sun came out, the humidity wasn’t horrible yet, and it was perfect for sitting on our back deck.  We really love the view out back.

Our little “lake” (which in Ohio would be just a large-ish pond) is home to the requisite fish, several turtles, and more than a few frogs who serenade us most evenings.  It is also home to some beautiful cypress trees which grow around the edge as well as right smack in the middle of the lake.  I never knew it before I moved to Mississippi, but I totally love cypress trees.

The one below, standing all by it’s lonesome in the middle of the lake, is my favorite.  

At one corner of our lot, there is a rather disorganized hodgepodge of bushes and tree sprouts that are sprinkled with a generous helping of weeds that was there when we moved in.  Since we’ve been here, The Husband threatens on a regular basis to chain the lot of them to the back of his pickup truck and rip them completely out.  I always urge moderation with this temptation since they grow on a rather steep slope from our yard into the lake and I can see it all sliding into the water along with a corner of our fence if the mess of plants weren’t there.  I had resigned myself to just trying to ignore the weeds and appreciate what looked halfway decent of the bunch when I ventured closer this evening and was thrilled to realize that there are several HUGE honeysuckle bushes in the midst of the mess!  They smell divine!

There are lots of buzzing bees going to town on the sweet honeysuckle blooms as well and they are slightly mesmerizing as they go about their work.  They are also a bit difficult for this novice photographer to catch on camera.

Do you see him?

A second surprise was finding a scattering of raspberries amongst the honeysuckle.

Isn’t it wonderful to find some beauty in what you thought was just a big, scrappy mess?  Glad this is possible because I am often a big, scrappy mess… 

There. Is. Hope.

I’ve also been nurturing some new trees The Husband and I planted two weekends ago.  They have enjoyed the recent rain much more than I have.  The Husband loves Japanese maple trees, so we planted three of those (he’s so spoiled).  

He got three trees, I got one.  But it’s one I have loved ever since I was a kid.  I got a weeping willow!  And it’s actually got tons of leaves on it already!  

I know it will take many years to grow it up to what I’ve dreamed of, but I get happy just visualizing my beautiful willow, part-way down our back lot, large enough to eventually place a sitting bench or a swing underneath, facing the lake.  I picture a sweet, shady retreat where maybe my grandkids will visit and sit in one day listening to the frogs.  Sappy?  Maybe.  But I love it!

Speaking of grandkids, it won’t be long until grandchild number one arrives!  I’ve knitted quite a bit, but not nearly enough.  I know you know what I mean!  Better get busy!


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