Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monkey Business

Could someone please come in and take over my every day life so I can find time to blog?  Thanks…

Seriously, I’ve had trouble getting my blogging mojo back ever since I made the trip to Indy in June.  Even when I think about stuff to write, I can’t seem to find either the time or the motivation to do anything about it.  Maybe it’s because I’m kind of at a standstill regarding being able to bring you any news on the previously hinted at design work I’ve been doing (my kingdom for a great local photographer and a model other than me).  It may also be due to the fact that the only thing I seem to be able to finish these days are these:

Prototype I

I’d had this on my list of things to knit for a while now.  The picture isn't actually the best one, it's the first one and I've modified the entire thing since this one.  It took me a while to get the ears looking like I want them.  I'll update the pics for this on my Ravelry project page eventually.  Once I completed one of these, it was so darned cute, I decided to knit several more and try to sell them (working on that down payment for a house*, you know).  I even opened an Etsy shop (which looks incredibly sad right now because I’ve had no time to promote it, dress it up, or put anything else there online to sell).  I figure I will go down to the local Starbucks and sit there with a monkey on my cup, hoping someone will want one – if I ever find the time, that is. 

And where exactly is the time going?  I have no blooming idea.  I’m not producing mass quantities of knitwear, so it’s not that.  I’m not reading vast amounts of books (been working on Catcher in the Rye for like, a year).  My house certainly isn’t anywhere near spotless, so I’ve not been lost in cleaning.  I think I’m in some sort of time warp.  Where is Dr. Who when you need him?

What will I accomplish today?  One blog post.  This one.  Ta-da!

*House?  What house?  We can’t find one.  Well, we found a floor plan we love but have no place to build it.  That fact may not change for a year.  I am officially stressed.  So I’ve decided to live in denial and just keep putting away our down payment as if we actually have a plan.  Works for me…

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  1. That is adorable!!! And, don't dispair on the house thing. Keep saving and when you have enough money, the house you want (or the land) will come to you. Think positive!!

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  3. So cute! As for the house... at least you are saving! We just bought a house in June, and we weren't even looking! You just NEVER know when the right house will come along... Good luck to you!

    PS- apologies for deleting my previous comments... it had a bunch of spelling errors! Typing too quickly I suppose...

    1. Good point about the saving! Congrats on your new house!!


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