Thursday, July 11, 2013

Out of Steam


I've sighed numerous times in the last hour. It's storming. Again. It's gray out. Again. Plus, we no longer have one of those doo-dads connected to our TV that protects it from lightning (as if) so I've unplugged the thing because we simply cannot afford a high dollar replacement right now. So...I sigh.

It's not like I don't have any knitting I could be doing. I am past the heel on my second Basket Weave Rib sock, but decided to pick this up instead today:

This is my attempt at Endpaper Mitts. My second, actually. The pattern calls for an Italian tubular cast on, which is not really difficult but I seem to be having problems with joining in the round whenever I use any cast on other than my usual knit cast on or my favorite, the cable cast on. I didn't like the space in my join so I pulled all that I'd done out and cast back on using the cable CO. Plus, I realized I had the main color and the contrasting color switched when I began to work the first chart for the color work. Then, part way through the mere 13 rows of ribbing I lost all motivation. Really, it's completely gone. Even while I type this blog post, I am doing so on my tablet (which I really don't enjoy) because I'm too unmotivated to get up off my backside and walk the 20 feet to my computer. The tablet was in reach. I haven't decided what I'll do when nature calls.

The reason we can't afford any high dollar replacement on anything right now is because we are working at padding a down payment toward building a home. This would normally be very exciting news, however the long story short about this is that our preferred builder is unwilling to let us have the existing lot space we'd need for our build but they can't give us an estimated time frame on when the other 250 (yes, that many) lots they are planning to develop (land which they already own) might be available. Nevermind that we are pre-approved and want to build one of the biggest homes they offer. They are about to become our former preferred builder. Add to this the gray skies and random menopausal hot flashes, and you've got a potential national news story on your hands.

Wait...knitting? Oh yeah, that.

I guess I'll get back to my mitts. Or my sock. Or maybe I'll cast on something new that seems interesting. Or maybe I'll just sit here and stare. Until nature calls.

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  1. Oh dear. If you are planning to build a home, that obviously means you will have to move. At this point, surrounded by boxes and chaos, I feel I must urge you to proceed with caution. :-)

    1. I thought about you as I wrote this post! Having moved across country three times, you'd think I'd know better, right? :-) Hope you are keeping your sanity through your move!

  2. Ugh. We aren't looking to build, but Mike and I have been looking to buy another home, and it's been a pretty frustrating project also. I hope that the builder releases your land soon so that your build can get underway!

    1. Yeah, we are hoping too! Good luck on your search!


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