Saturday, October 12, 2013


Finally, another blog post, right?  You all know I’ve been adjusting to working my new job and trying to get in knitting time and tackling Christmas knitting, so the posts have been random but I’m back today and I get to share some exciting (for me) news!  After weeks months of innuendo, I have finally released my first pattern on Ravelry!  And it’s FREE!  Yep, I got my act together this afternoon and I uploaded my first pattern, Stadium Upgrade.  And please, it’s my first design, so be gentle…

I designed this back in the summer but am happy to be able to release it for fall.  The scarf will go to my son as part of his Christmas (no surprise on this gift).  This design was initiated when I saw some lovely skeins of Lost City Knits Twin Canyon Merino/Silk Fingering hanging at the LCK booth at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival.  My son and I are both huge Ohio State Buckeye fans (he actually has a “Buckeye Room” in his house) and the colorway, Whirlwind, screamed “Go Bucks!” to me.  After looking for what seemed like forEVer to find a scarf pattern that wasn’t girlie and wasn’t all “foofie” (my word for fancy-ish) and not finding what I wanted, I decided to design a scarf myself.  I found a lovely Harris tweed stitch pattern (courtesy of Barbara Walker’s Volume 1) and off I went.

It is a simple knit, but the yarn really makes it more than just a wool scarf.  It works just as well on the ladies as it does the men and it can definitely go from the big game to a nice dinner out.  It’s a great accessory for those of you who live in a climate which requires such things.  As I wrote before, I do not, so I shall knit for those who do and will live vicariously through their wearing of wintery goodness.

So…I would greatly appreciate it if you all would take a moment and favorite my pattern on Ravelry and spread the news to your knitty friends about it.  Even if you hate it, please pretend you don’t and help a sister out, okay?  I promise, I’ll return the favor.  Really, I will.

A very special thanks to my sister-in-law, Angie Owens of Angela Owens Photography (here or here or here), who took these lovely pictures and to her son, my nephew Brevin, who I’m sure was not in the least thrilled to be a model for the scarf but graciously did so anyway and also to the other gorgeous model, Miranda Monk who really should get paid for being so beautiful, even when she’s not in front of a camera.  You are all awesome and I owe you one (or more) in favors, money, and/or wooly hand-knits.

*happy dance*




  1. I put your pattern in my Ravelry queue because I like reversible scarves and this one looks easy to remember. I wouldn't bother with the markers though as I prefer to live without them!!

  2. Its a lovely scarf, congrats on your first pattern release! I've faved it on Rav!

  3. The scarf is lovely, and I had popped over to Ravelry and favourited it before I even got to the part in your post where you asked us to do just that! I totally understand the part about feeling vulnerable putting your stuff out there and wanting to be gentle. It's how I feel about my book coming out in a week or two. :-)

    1. Thanks, Kristie! You're right, it is a vulnerable place and the support of everyone means so much! Can't wait for the release of your book, too!


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