Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Day Is It?

It’s HUMP DAY!  Okay, that little skit is getting old, but I couldn’t think of a better intro to my post today so…

I want to thank all of you who supported my first pattern release and have encouraged me so much!  I’m sending a whole lot of love your way.

I still have two designs in the wings (waiting for me to finish the pattern writing – if this were as much fun as knitting, they’d be done) and another design started, although I have to say that after I began this last design, I realized part-way in that I hated the yarn I was using.  Well, not hated the yarn, per se, but it’s variegated and while it looked absolutely amazing before knitting, it looks pooled-stripy-weird knitted up, so I will have to wait on some acceptable yarn before I can proceed with this one.  In the meantime, I’ve been working on my Christmas knitting.  I have one gift completed and another nearly done except for blocking and seaming (same principle applies here as to pattern writing – not so much fun).  Due to the mandatory Christmas secrecy, all I can show you of what I currently have in the works is this:

It has been strange, this not knitting 7 sweaters for Christmas this year.  In fact, the night before last I did not knit one stitch all day.  Not one.  I was at that awkward moment when I realized that the variegated yarn referenced above was not going to work, yet I had nothing in my queue that was ready to be cast on.  I was in serious withdrawals by the time last night rolled around, so I cast on another sweater for charity since they are easy to do, I still have plenty of yarn to use for them, and it feeds my knitting habit (plus, it's for a good cause - duh, I almost left that part out). 

On a very exciting note, we did our first walk-through of our house build last night.  Things are progressing very rapidly and it just gets more and more exciting as we see things completed.  Well, until I remember that at one point, we have to move all our stuff.  That thought kind of throws a wet blanket on the fire.  Meh…

Happy Hump Day!




  1. No Christmas sweaters?! That's a bold stand to take. :-D It's very exciting that you'll have so much free time to pursue more pattern writing. I agree that I'd rather knit than write the majority of the time. I have two children's patterns that need to be hashed out, but I can't motivate myself to do it.

    1. If you find any motivation, send some my way!

  2. How exciting to do your first walk through of your new house! Hopefully all is going according to plan. Try not to think about the moving bit and you should be able to hang onto that happy glow. :-)

    1. I keep noticing things we don't use often that I could pack up right now. Unfortunately, I never go beyond the noticing part! : )


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