Sunday, May 24, 2015

T Minus Four

The final countdown has begun: only 4 more days (not including today) until I head to Vicksburg, MS to the Magnolia State Fiber Festival with two of my yarnie besties (Melissa and Lorelei) and I can’t wait.  This year, the festival is being held at a new and improved location and I’m already excited about the vendor list, especially Lost City Knits whose yarns are so lovely, I literally haunt their booth every year, trying to decide how many of their beauties I can bring home without The Husband divorcing me.  Not to mention I’m taking two classes this year, one on Fair Isle knitting and the other on using a drop spindle which will hopefully help along my sad attempts to spin with the spindle I bought last year.  

The absolute BEST part though, is always the company!  Last year, Melissa wasn’t able to go and Lorelei missed the first day but this year, we’ll all be together again and in our favorite rooms at the B & B that has become our traditional accommodation during the festival.  And then there’s the food we eat.  So, so good.  I’m totally bringing my stretchy pants.  Or maybe I’ll wear dresses for some added comfort.  Because I DO intend to stuff myself.  

And I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.  Because...

Since I started the job at the hospital, my fiber time is severely limited.  So much so, I often hear sad music play in my head every time I look at all of the projects I’ve made little or no progress on because of my day job.  I haven’t been to my LYS in forever.  So next weekend, it’s all about friends, food, and fiber, baby!  

Speaking of my nearly non-existent fiber life, in the very few hours I’ve had to knit, I HAVE made some more progress on my Steampunk Pullover.  I just finished the chart for the color work yoke so I’m nearly done.  It has been a real challenge to keep my knitting loose enough through the stranded work.  I’m not an exceptionally tight knitter, but I have had real problems in the past keeping my work loose enough that it doesn’t pucker.  I hope I’ve done a better job on this sweater because I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it.  At least if it still fits by the time I’ve finished it.  That’s not a guarantee, you know, because uh…stretchy pants.  Plus I won’t be able to wear it until the fall which is a lot of time for waistline expansion to occur.  Sigh…

I’ll start my diet right after the festival.  Maybe.



  1. Have a great time at the fibre festival, Lisa! Your sweater is beautiful, and it looks like you've done a great job on the colourwork. Are you working full time now?

    1. Thanks Kristie! Yes, I've been full time for almost a year now and it is seriously cutting into my knitting time... :o(


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