Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Thing About _____ Is...

The thing about this blog is…

I’ve decided I stink so much at blogging lately, I’m going to try and make regular posts on Instagram.  You can find me as @knitwhimsy.  Same on Twitter, although I’ve never really mastered the whole tweet thing.  So the crickets are chirping on my Twitter account, same as here on this blog… (she sighs with no small amount of discouragement)

Speaking of which, the thing about Twitter is…

I’m WAY too verbose.  Seriously, 140 characters?  I can’t say hello in 140 characters. 

The thing about food bloggers is…

Remember a few months ago when I was so excited about my new food blog?  It turns out, food bloggers are blogging machines.  No seriously, the good ones manage at LEAST three posts a week.  And so, I’ve decided that if I need to tell the world about a great recipe I found on Pinterest, I’ll stick it in here and ask for the die-hard knitting enthusiasts to bear with me.  Besides, food blogging requires keen photographic skills.  Since I can’t seem to photograph yarn well, I have no idea what made me think I could graduate to food photography.  Ah, to be old-ish and delusional.

The thing about knitting is…

I have been busy.  I finished and sent three items to Nora:  a wool/alpaca jacket, a game day outfit for football season (with matching headband), and Beans the Cat.  Behold:

The big picture

Is he saying "ribit" or "ripit"??

Ready for game day, baby!
Go Bucks!
(They won their first game, incidentally)

Admit it...he's so homely, he's cute.

The jacket pattern is the Snug pattern I mentioned in my last post.  I love the frog buttons.  The little game day dress was whipped up out of the depths of my own mind.  Same with the headband, although it’s a simple garter stitch headband, started with a provisional crochet cast on and then grafted together once I got it as large as I wanted it.  Then I made my first attempt at pom-poms.  Well, actually, what you see is like, my fifth attempt.  The internet said to wrap the yarn around a fork.  Um…no.  I ended up just using my fingers.  Oh, and Beans?  My embroidery skills are lacking.  That didn’t stop me from sending him to Nora.  

The thing about knitting rules is…

Sometimes you have to break them.  While knitting the Snug for Nora, I cam across a yarn join and, completely losing my head, I actually tied the two ends together.  I admit it.  I did what should never be done.  And I’m glad, I tell you, glad.

I'm so knotty...

The thing about you all is...

You are awesome and wonderful and I thank those of you who have stuck around during the blogging famine on this site.  



  1. Can I have a kitty??? I need a kitty! He's so cute!
    Nora is too beautiful. I'll go be an Ohio fan just to be on her side with all the cuteness!
    ^that's a lit of exclamation points and enthusiasm for 134 am. Just saying

    1. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday, someday my friend, you shall have a kitty.

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  3. I'm so much better at posting regularly on instagram (it's like microblogging!), but I love to write, so I keep coming back to it. And that Snug jacket is adorable!

    1. I love the Snug pattern! It will likely be one of my go-to gifts for wee ones!

  4. Your projects are cute, I love the kitty. I hear you about blogging as I am on my 5th or 6th blog at this point. I decided this time I was going to do it and just stick with it even if nobody reads it. It is just my little corner of the world.

    1. Thanks so much! I've been at this for going on three years and it seems like it's either feast or famine with posts. Maybe someday I'll hit a happy medium. :o) But definitely stick to it! I can't imagine not having a blog at this point, even though I so often neglect it.

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