Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I should have more to say.  Why don’t I?

I’ve been absent from the blog for a while and it’s not because I had no time to blog (although I was out of town for several days last week), but it’s because I simply could not think of anything to blog about.

I’m blaming the 4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. 

Not that there’s anything at all wrong with the event.  I’m sure thousands of blog writers will diligently post every day and will even follow the daily topics and we will all be that much richer for having read all that good stuff.  This is actually a fabulous idea.  But it doesn’t work in my world.

It’s the rebel in me, you see. 

There’s just something about the imperative and structure of things like this that sends me running.  “You need to blog every day for the week and here are some suggested topics you should follow, so happy day and good luck.”  Whoa, wait just a second.  Too. Much. Pressure.

Last week, I saw one of the blogs I follow post something about KCBW coming up and I just froze.  I knew in that moment, it would be a while before I could post anything.  And as you see, even now when I am writing because I need to, the only thing I can talk about is why I haven’t been able to talk about anything lately. 

Yep, I’m a mess.

Fight the Power!
Writing blog posts isn’t the only area where I struggle with my rebellion.  Last week, I decided to apply for a part-time job as a receptionist at my veterinarian’s office.  After all, with our collection of dogs, I spend a lot of time there already and I really need the extra money for my yarn addiction hobby.  I took my resume* up there and of course, they handed me a job application.  I understand the reason they need these annoying slips of paper filled out in theory, but when it came to the work experience section, I simply could not bring myself to rewrite all the crap on my resume.  What a colossal waste of time.  My inner rebel dug her heels in and I found myself writing “See resume” and hoping for the best.  They haven’t called.  Hmmm…

On the knitting front, I haven’t had as much time as I’d have liked to work on stuff and the things I have finished, I don’t have any good pictures of yet.  I finished the gift for my friend and delivered it last week and I only have the pics I snapped before I gave it to her (should have taken some with her wearing it - darn!).  This is the best one which isn't great:

I completed one baby blanket for the little boy twin my sweet friends are expecting and I’m working on his twin sister’s blanket and hope to have that completed today.  Pics will follow at a later date.  And the socks I’m working on?  On the back burner, although not as far back as the lace shawl that I’m still ignoring.  Oh, and I blocked a scarf that had been sitting around for a good three months.

That’s all, folks…

*I can’t get the little accent mark to appear on the word “resume”.  So, I’m not trying to “ree-zoom” anything but I’m talking about my “rez-uh-may”.  Um…yeah.

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  1. I'm so glad I'm not alone!!! I'm like this with a lot of things... like when everyone at knit-night decides to knit the same pattern.... I don't refuse participation to be an outsider or because I'm too cool or anything like that, I just kinda like to march to the beat of my own drum and too much structure really makes that hard for me.

  2. I couldn't bring myself to participate this year, as you say too stressful and the topics just didn't grab me this year. Good like with the job hunt, I know what you mean about applications, why ask for a CV if they then want you to complete a form, just a waste of good knitting time!

    1. Right?! I mean, can't they shorten the application to the stuff that's not listed on a resume? : D

  3. Hmmm I know what you mean, surely they could just read your CV and if they think you may be a good candidate invite you for an interview. I'm also looking for a job and all this form filling malarkey is like a full-time job in itself, (only i'm not getting paid)

    1. How cool would it be if we DID get paid for it?! : ) I bet if potential employers had to pay applicants for each redundant question, this whole process would get a lot more efficient!


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