Friday, May 10, 2013

Sock It To Me!

It’s a sock!  It’s a sock!

Kaleidoscope yarn in colorway Air Force
With the way the weather looks this morning (that is, dark and stormy), I should be able to get a good bit of the mate to my Athos sock done today.  I’m gifting this pair, but I already have my next three sock projects lined up.  I have come to think that every knitter should have socks on their needles at all times, don’t you? 

Was very excited to get the new Interweave Knits Summer 2013 magazine yesterday.  Summer patterns are just my thing since we live in the Deep South and I’m anxious to add a few things to my summer wardrobe. 

Incidentally, I commented to The Husband yesterday that I wonder what the mailman thinks when he drops off a knitting magazine along with the latest issue of American Handgunner to the same address.  Then again, we do live in the South.  The knitting magazine is certainly more odd than the gun magazine…

I am a bit bummed about the weather because I hoped to get over to The French Knot today – I haven’t been there in a good while and I’m having withdrawals.  It’s probably just as well though.  If I’m not there, I can’t spend any money.  I think I’ll just browse Etsy.  That’s harmless, right?  :D

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