Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Livin' Is Easy

Happy!  :o)
Summer is my favorite season.  Even though we now live in a tropical-ish hot and humid clime, my enthusiasm for summer has not diminished in the least.  And while summer has not officially arrived, summer weather is definitely here on the Gulf Coast.  No more hauling the hanging plants in, then out, then in again.  No more having to pull sweaters back out of my packed winter clothing.  The grill is back in commission and my knitting for summer has taken over.  Yay!

<--  I finished my Aurelia and I just love it!  Wore it this weekend.  The bamboo really is comfortable for warmer weather and it feels nice too.  Very happy with this pattern, this yarn, and this project.  Not so much with the picture.  I don't know why there are weird swirlies in it.  They are not on the garment.  I blame pixels.  My luck with pictures continues...

What I’m not happy with is this:
Not Happy!  :o(

As you can see, I’ve completed one of the Honey Badger socks I’ve been making with some Colinette Jitterbug yarn I had left from my Ashton Shawlette. The yarn was great for the shawlette.  For socks?  I’m so not lovin’ it.  SO not.  There’s no stretch.  I can barely get this thing over my foot, my toes are squished (even though I went as long as my measurements said I should for the length), and the ankle is baggy.  I’m not sure if the problem is entirely the yarn or if the pattern plays into it as well – although the pattern is so cute.  It surely couldn’t be my knitting, could it?   Don’t tell me.  I don’t want to know.  Bottom line is, I probably won’t knit the mate.  I’m not certain that I have enough yarn left anyway.  Perhaps I’ll just sew eyes on the thing and make a sock puppet.  And then I’ll put on a show…

My next summer project is the Regatta Tee from the latest Interweave Knits mag.  I’m using bamboo from my stash once again and if you don’t count how many times I had to tink back a row (or 5 - uh…twice) because I forgot to do the decreases, it’s going very well.  

I have two or three other summer tops in my queue that I’d like to do this year.  But then there’s this…

Deanne from my LYS recently reminded us all that now would be a good time to plan our Christmas knitting.  This is a very valid point for me, especially after my race against the Christmas clock last year.  But…but…

SUMMER.  JUST.  GOT.  HERE.   *sigh*

I’ll start next month, Deanne, really I will.

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  1. Oooo! Aurelia is lovely! I knit with bamboo once, it does feel dreamy, but the darn thing grew so much over time, I couldn't continue to wear it. I should be forgiving and try again.

    1. Oh, I really hope my Aurelia doesn't grow!


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