Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gloomy Gus and His Second and Lesser-Known Cousin, Dismal Debby

Okay, there’s really no Dismal Debby, but there just aren’t any good words that begin with an L to use with my name to describe the mood in the house today.  Why, you ask?  


And lots of it.

We were rudely awakened early this morning with a fairly severe thunderstorm, the weather radio going ballistic. The rain was beating so hard against the house, you couldn’t hear much else.  Not only did I immediately realize that the yard was going to be a swamp once again (we still don’t have all of our new yard sodded (is “sodded” a word?), but it also dawned on me that there was no way we were going to be able to get five stubborn and rain-abhorrent Dachshunds into the yard to do their business.  We had to wait for a momentary lull in the downpour (which was not much of a lull, actually) and the dogs were not amused.  I wish I’d gotten a picture of their poor, pathetic little faces while they looked at me as if I was sending them to their death by shooing them off the back deck.
Muddy Water - Muddy Yard

It rained so much that even our “lake” had moved several inches out back.  See that little cluster of Cypress trees?  They are normally at the edge of the water.  (NOTE TO MY MOTHER-IN-LAW:  do NOT panic about a possible flood, this water was still quite a ways from our house.  Really, we are fine.)

I keep a pair of Sperry’s on the back deck right next to the back door for early morning dog duty and while a good half of our deck is covered, it rained so hard they were absolutely soaked.  I was going to pick them up and carry them into the garage to dry, but the water was literally pouring off/out of them.  Seriously.  

I had to put on The Husband's Crocs that sit inside the door in order to venture out with dry tootsies which, in his shoes, looked like clown feet.

It rained so hard against the windows, you couldn’t see anything through the water-deluged screens.

And so the day has gone.  Aside from a short reprieve in which the sun shone in order to give hope to the drenched masses that an ark was in fact, not yet necessary, it has rained and been gloomy all day.  

Good thing I had such a phenomenal evening last night.  

A group from my LYS came over to break our house in properly which we all did by eating as if a famine would strike any minute and knitting on various and sundry projects.  I met a new friend, Marie, who has been making Dead Fish hats, which were adorable (even though they don’t sound very pleasant).  Leona brought me a plant, everyone brought some great food, and my dear friend Melissa* even left me some killer cheesecake which I was tempted to eat for breakfast this morning.  I didn’t, but it’s looking good for supper.  Oh, and Sarah brought this cream "cheese/some sort of sauce which she told me the name of and which name I cannot for the life of me remember/capers with crackers appetizer thingie" which I can only call the culinary equivalent of crack.  I’m not kidding.  She left me a good bit of it and I ate nearly half of it after they all left while watching Netflix and knitting a sock.  Okay, mostly I was just inhaling the stuff and watching Netflix.  The sock could wait.  Here’s the only bad thing about the evening:

I got no pictures.

I know, you’re colossally disappointed in me and I am disappointed in myself.  I even mentioned pictures at one point but must have been overcome by the excitement of the evening, so I got nuthin’.  I am deeply, deeply ashamed…

Er…I did get the sock done though.



*Melissa brought me another little goodie, which I'll blog about next time.


  1. glad you added that note to me...I really was about to panic...from the picture the water looks about inches from your deck! I hope this is the worst rain you get...(can you let the doggies out the front door where there is grass?)

    1. Not in the rain! They don't want to go out at all. :o(

  2. Ugh, I now how much you hate those days! Good thing you have some warm and fuzzies to carry you through it (the socks and the feelings from last night). It's 78* here and sunny, and I would actually prefer to trade weather with you. How about it - want to trade my house's weather for your house's for a couple days? Also - if you get the recipe for crack, do share!

  3. Last night was such a blast! Thanks for putting up with us! Where else can you find boatloads of good friends, great food, wine, Finding Nemo, knitting, a gaggle of dachsund cuties, & a toad sucking dog story thrown in for good measure?? Love our Nip-N-Kips!

    1. Ugh! The toad-sucking dog story shall haunt me for years to come...

      It was great to have you all here! : )

    2. You must share the story. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!

  4. Having lived through a hurricane in North Carolina with a dachshund who held his bladder for a day and a half, I can feel your rain pain.

    1. A day and a half??!!?? Oh. My. Goodness. : - o

  5. Sorry to hear about your rainy day. It sounds like we shared the same weather, just a continent apart. I thought I would go nuts yesterday. It was a deluge. All day. Our dachshund doesn't mind going out in it (her hatred is reserved for snow and cold). But my Westie absolutely detests rain. I can just picture your five reluctant dogs!

    1. I saw on your blog where you've had a ton of rain also and I actually wondered as I typed this post whether you had the same problem with Jenny! Good for her that it doesn't bother her and I should have known Fergus would be the one who hates the rain!


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