Sunday, March 30, 2014

Slip-Sliding Away

The sun is shining here today which is a welcome sight since we had some of the hardest rain a couple of days ago that we’ve had in a long time.  In about 24 hours we got well over 10 inches of rain.  I mean it was torrential.  You all know how much I enjoy gray skies and rain (she said sarcastically). To make it worse, The Husband had just finished seeding a rather large portion of our lot with grass seed.  He hadn't gotten it all covered with a seed blanket and/or straw.  Had we gotten a light shower, we’d have been okay and been grateful we didn’t have to water.  Unfortunately, I’m certain that most of the seed is now fish food in the lake, along with a good portion of the top soil we purchased to prepare for the planting.  The Husband is trying to stay positive, believing the seed was pushed further into the ground by the rain.  I am trying not to be Negative Nancy but look at our back yard:


The side yard, which is a rather huge area, looks a bit less sad, but still…  We’ll know for sure in a couple more weeks when the seeds sprout.  Or don’t.


In the meantime, I have been knitting when I’m not too exhausted after work (rare) and have managed to finish a couple of things that I can actually show you.  First, I already shared with you the sweater I knit for my adopted granddaughter who now lives in California.  Last week I managed to ship the thing and here is a picture of Cori in her Corrie: ------->

It is big on her, which is exactly what I was going for.  Should be near perfect this fall and winter.  So nice to knit something for a child that will fit for more than two weeks!

In addition to the Corrie, I also sent Cori’s mom, Taryn, a Boxelder Cardigan I finished for her.  I had her choose the yarn WAY before Christmas - a beautiful purple called Cuarzo in Malabrigo Worsted.  This is the first time I’ve knitted a hoodie and I was so pleased with the entire project.  I am beginning to think that Malabrigo Worsted is a magic yarn since my best projects were made with it.  

Boxelder’s sleeves are intentionally long, which is great because Taryn is rather tall and the sleeves are the perfect length.  I did not block the sweater very aggressively - I wasn’t quite sure how best to block the hood and didn’t want to have a big, sloppy stretched-out mess on my hands - so the hood is a lot tighter than it should be.  Taryn should be able to reshape it once she’s washed it out the first time.  You’ll also notice it’s a bit tight around the midsection, however this is mostly due to the fact that Cori’s little brother or sister is expanding Taryn’s horizons (YAY!).  

Oh, and finally, in my last blog post I mentioned a little goodie that my friend Melissa had brought me.  She always finds the cutest things:

Love it!

Thanks again Melissa!

And look, Leona:

I haven’t killed the plant you gave me!  :D

Have a beautiful Sunday!



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  2. I love that hooded cardigan. I've added it to my queue. Great job.

    1. Thanks! I'm considering making one for myself!

  3. I'm definitely taking note of the Corrie cardigan for my little girl. It turned out great!

    1. Isn't it cute? I love Sarah's designs and it was a breeze to make!

  4. I'm sad there weren't better photos to show off your handiwork. The hoodie is especially awesome! Sooooo soft, the details are beautiful, the sleeves so comfy, and the hood actually fits well (I had a ponytail shoved under there). The Corrie is so awesome on Cori and she loved wearing it, even so big. Whatever that yarn is, she just wants to sleep in it. And eat the bowl buttons. O.o
    Anyway - I promise better photos if you knit something else. No Facebook style bathroom selfies.

    1. ACK! No eating the buttons!! Now I'm going to be paranoid about her choking on the buttons... :-/

      The photos were great because you were in them (aaawww)! Love you both!

    2. No worries - I just reinforce them so she can't pull them off and she forgets about them after a minute.


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