Friday, March 7, 2014


I’m thankful it’s Friday here, as I’ve been working a lot of hours and I’m SO ready for the weekend.  Seems like nearly every evening for the last couple of weeks after I get off work, I either have running around to do or housework and cooking and by the time I get done with all of it, I’m too pooped to even knit much, let alone blog.  Also, quite frankly, if the rain doesn’t stop (the back yard is starting to look like a swamp) and we don’t get a sunny day soon, I’m liable to lose what’s left of my wee little mind--a condition not conducive to blogging.

Nothing exciting has been going on here, but I have made a little bit of progress on a couple of projects.  Unfortunately, the one is my last test knit for some socks I designed that I am STILL working on (tech editing the pattern--wish I could afford some help), so I can’t really show you much of that yet.  Below is a shot of the yarn I’m using for the final knit — after all, who doesn’t love to see any random picture of yarn?

I’ve also been working on a secret project for my friend Taryn, to send to her along with the Corrie I knitted for my adopted grandbaby.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Other than that, it’s been work, work, work.  And speaking of work, one of the doctors I work for got everyone in the office an orchid for Valentine’s day (has it really been that long since I blogged???).  I’ve never had an orchid before and it is gorgeous.  So far, I’ve been able to keep it alive which is a real miracle for me.  The Husband has the green thumb.  Mine aren’t even a hint of green.

So pretty!

Finally, we had some friends from Canada stop by to visit our lake out back.  

I saw plenty of Canadian geese while living in Ohio, but I've never had them sitting on a lake in MY back yard.  :o) One of my favorite things about living where we do is the wildlife we get to see close up.  The other day, The Husband and I counted five turtles swimming around in the lake (okay, maybe I excite easily).

If the sun would commence to shining (working on my Southern phraseology), today would be darn near perfect…

Happy Friday!




  1. You can keep those friends from Canada. They are a menace on our beaches. :-)

    I'm sorry life has been so busy for you. At the risk of this sounding like a lecture, try to remember to reserve some time each day for the things you love.

  2. I hope that things start to calm down and you are able to find more time for yourself. Your orchid is lovely. We have several that we've managed to keep alive and blooming for more than 3 years! I thought they would be difficult to care for, but they are much more user friendly than I expected. :-D


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