Sunday, January 4, 2015

It Mocked Me

You may have noticed that this year, I didn't write about my Christmas knitting.  The reason for that is because I didn't really have any Christmas knitting.  Since my knitting time had been severely limited for months due to working a boatload of overtime, I didn't want to stress out over a knitting deadline.  The only knitted gift I gave this year was a vest for my mom.  I'm still waiting on pictures of her wearing it, so...another day.

However, you may recall that I did some knitting for the holidays last year and one project that I'd intended for my daughter just didn't work out well at all.  My daughter got a last minute gift card and as of my post last year, I was pondering what to do with it.  For the entire year, this half-done sweater has been slung over the back of a chair in my craft room.  

And it mocked me.  

Every time in the last 365 or so days that I would enter that room, my eyes would scan over my messy, lovely yarn stash and land on that chair.  That blasted chair with that blasted sweater.  I tried throwing another sweater or two over it.  A couple of scarves.  Yet no matter what, a small sliver of that  beautiful blue would peek out from under my attempted camouflage and I was reminded of my failure.

So I decided to do something about it.  

We went from this:

These pieces look so innocent...
To this:

Night-time lighting in my house.  Bleh...

To this:

Takin' a swim in da tub!  (Again the lighting...eesh)

To this:

Just hanging' out after a
good thwacking*

And finally to this:


I had the last laugh.  And that beautiful blue will become something else.  Something lovely that fits. Something that sings, rather than mocks.



P.S. - If you have a large amount of yarn to reclaim as I did here, I strongly recommend you invest in a niddy noddy.  You can get an inexpensive one here or here.  I don’t have one yet but it’s next on my list.  You wouldn’t believe the gyrations I had to go through to get my uber-long skeins wound (it would also help to be smarter about how long you make your skeins).  Live and learn…

*Thwacking yarn is striking the skein forcefully against something while still damp - I used the side of the tub that I soaked the yarn in.  This helps restore the twist on yarn you'd like to repurpose.  Spinners are more familiar with the practice.  The previous definition comes with no warranty, express or implied...


  1. That sounds like it was a very good plan! At least it will stop taunting you now!

  2. Replies
    1. Maybe we should have a thwacking party once or twice a year to get out all of our frustrations? :-)

  3. You won this round, for sure! :)

  4. Reclaiming yarn is a great feeling! Think of all the possibilities for it now!

    1. Right? It's like having new yarn all over again! Woo hoo!

  5. Haha. Who's laughing now, sweater!? I have a couple projects that need to experience this same wrath.


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