Friday, January 2, 2015

When Being A Heel Is A Good Thing

Well, look here:

What a heel...

What is it you ask?  Let me tell you, my friends, THAT is a successful heel worked on a toe-up sock and that successful heel was worked by none other than ME.  That’s right, I set aside my fear, put on my big girl pants and followed Sarah’s instructions.  Before I knew it, I was looking at a heel.  A very decent and acceptable short row heel.  Yay!  

I know this may not seem like much of an accomplishment to all of you well-seasoned toe-up sock knitters, but since this was my maiden voyage into such things - one that was undertaken with no small amount of angst - I feel like celebrating.  

Okay, so maybe I need to get out more…

Anyhoo, I managed to do it all using the Magic Loop method which as you’ll recall is not currently my favorite method of knitting socks.  I’ve become more comfortable with it but I have to admit that at one point just past the heel, I was tempted to pull out my DPNs to finish the leg.  Then I realized that I’d kick myself if I came this far and didn’t press on.  I may never love ML, but by golly, I’m gonna finish these socks with it.

Or I may change my mind half way through the second sock.  Maybe.  :D



  1. Magic loop and socks are two things I have never tried. Your heel looks perfect.

    1. I have become completely addicted to sock knitting. It's to the point that I feel sad if I don't have a pair in the works!

  2. Happy New Year Lisa! You are very brave to try toe-up socks. I keep telling myself I need to give it a go, and even have a book on the subject, but haven't gathered up the courage to actually cast on.

    1. Happy New Year Kristie! I probably would not have attempted toe up at all were it not for a new sock design I'm working on. The stitch pattern is going to look best from the toe up. I will say, it is not nearly as difficult as I'd imagined!


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