Thursday, January 8, 2015

What's Being Needled Right Now

Time for an update on all that's currently on my needles.  Since I can't seem to manage a WIP Wednesday post, this will have to do.  As always, I wish I had more time to knit (read: would love to quit my day job).

First, my Scott Base toe-up socks are progressing.  One sock done and the other on the way.  Love this pattern, love this yarn and I can't wait to wear these when they're done.

I've got a sweater in the works using some yarn I picked up in Indianapolis nearly two years ago.  The yarn is Good for Ewe Claddagh which is a fun donegal and the pattern I'm using is the Steampunk Pullover by Julia Farwell-Clay that was in the Fall 2014 Knitscene.  I am determined to work on my stranded color work and this fits in with that goal nicely, plus I love it.  If I have enough yarn, I'll extend the sleeves full length.

Of course, there is baby knitting!  But things are still under wraps for the first project knitted for my first grand-baby on the way, so here's just a little sneak peak - a wee little sleeve-->

Then there's this:

*crickets chirping*

It's technically still on the needles. 


P.S. - The pictures are rubbish.  During the week, I leave for work when it's dark and get home when it's dusk, so no natural light.  These were taken on my kitchen counter with the overheads on as well as the under-cabinet LED lighting.  The are still rubbish, but you get the idea...

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  1. You're a busy knitter! Typically, my needles look something like yours, however, lately, I've been more of a monogamous knitter. I don't have the mental capacity for multiple projects these days.


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