Friday, January 11, 2013

Tango, Schmango...Where Is My Knitting?

Yes, this is SO me *cough*

My desk is too high.  I know that seems like a random statement, but after an appointment with my GP yesterday to determine the cause of some serious headaches I’ve been getting, the determination is…my desk is too high.  Or I suppose it could also be said that my desk chair is too short.  Either way, apparently my posture during the typing process is causing some sort of chain reaction between my shoulders, neck, and head which produces a persistent pain in the aforementioned body parts.  Actually, I was extremely grateful for this diagnosis.  I was really worried that he was going to tell me that it was because I knit too much in which case I’d have had to figure out a way to live with chronic headaches.  Certainly knitting less isn’t an option.  Anyway, after the diagnosis, my doctor prescribed some muscle relaxants to be taken before bedtime.  It’s been an interesting morning.  The only thing scarier than me in the morning is me in the morning with the residual effects of a muscle relaxant.  Good thing I don’t have to drive anywhere today.  My GP also prescribed taking up Argentine Tango, but he prescribes that every time I go for a checkup.  He has a dance studio and teaches the dance when he’s not doctoring.  I guess tango to him is like knitting to me.  Maybe next time I’ll take him in a ball of yarn and some needles.  Word.

My Adorable Daughter
(her mom's a lousy photographer)
My daughter wore her Christmas gift to work yesterday!  It does look very nice on her as you can see in the picture (it's the wine-colored garment under the black sweater).  The only thing that bugs me about it is the strange way the sides come down in a sort of point.  I’m not sure why this is.  All I can think is that it happened when I blocked it and I didn’t notice it.  Maybe it can be corrected when it is washed next and laid flat to dry.  I don’t know how else I would fix it, do you?  If so, don’t keep it to yourself.  My LYS has more of the Louisa Harding Mulberry 100% silk that I used for this project in the sale bin in two colors that I just love (even though no one else apparently does, hence them being in the sale bin), but I am so afraid to attempt anything else with this yarn since it was not a “walk-in-the-park” experience.  Yet the yarn calls to me.  Does anyone else hear yarn calling, or is it just me?

Sweater #7 is in full swing and is right on target to be done by Monday.  The back and the right front are complete.  I started the left front last night, which I hope to get mostly done today, and then the sleeves for the pattern are short, so they shouldn’t take long.  I’m only slightly nervous about the seaming.  I’ve done seaming before and it went well but I guess with the deadline so close, I know I can’t screw it up.  The Husband is still wondering if I’ll get his sweater done before spring (it does come early here), and I keep assuring him I’ll start it right after ol’ #7 is finished.  I’ll need to start the baby hat I’m planning also, as that deadline (read: due date) is coming up quickly.  I’ve made only one hat before and it didn’t turn out as planned, although the attempt was VERY early in my knitting journey.  I’m hoping it was the lack of experience that resulted in a hat sized for a child’s doll when it was supposed to fit The Husband’s head.  Whatever…

Well, time to tango my way back to my knitting.

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What’s on your mind this morning?  Go ahead, I’m a great listener…


  1. Your doctor has a dance studio on the side? Sounds like a pretty interesting guy. I get a lot of similar neck/shoulder/back pain that causes me headaches. I work in front of a computer and have terrible posture. I've started getting acupuncture, and I think it really makes a huge difference. It's not for everybody, but it's something to throw out there.

    Your daughter looks wonderful in her sweater! It's so wonderful to see knit garments put to use after they're completed!

    1. I have never tried acupuncture, but I am a firm believer in massage therapy. I just wish I got to partake more often! I'm not sure we even have an acupuncture place in my area. It has always fascinated me though!

  2. The sweater looks great on her! I so rarely see my gift knits out in the wild

    1. Thanks, Susan! It was nice to see her wear it, and I didn't even have to force her! : )

  3. I love that sweater! It fits her really well. I'd also like to hear more about your on drugs. It sounds fascinating. I foresee some stories that begin with 'I took my muscle relaxant, then for some reason thought it would be smart to work on my knitting' followed by hilarious photos and much frogging.


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