Sunday, March 31, 2013

Can You Be-Leaf It?!?

Yesterday was a landmark day in the Knit Whimsy household.  Why, you ask?  We finally raked the leaves in the back yard.  That's right, I finally got motivated! 

Ignore the leaves around the bags.  No, seriously, ignore them...

Fifteen bags (yes, that's 15) later and I am too sore to move.  The Husband and I did get it done in one day, which normally never happens.  Good thing we hit it up early.  Now maybe my dogs won't be bringing quite as much of the outside, inside.  Plus, my daughter dusted and swept for me yesterday and so life is decidedly good. 

On top of all this, I received some yarn in the mail that I had ordered from a company called Tanis Fiber Arts.  A week ago I ordered a couple of skeins of their 100% superwash merino lace – Pink Label Lace Weight in Sweetheart and Charcoal.  I wanted to try a lace project in something that is not as fuzzy/hairy as the Cascade Alpaca Lace I'm currently using.  Here’s what I got:

TFA is a Canadian company and this is my second order with them.  I am very happy with the time it takes from ordering to receiving my yarn – honestly they are faster than some American companies I’ve ordered from – and I love their colorways.  I have some beautiful fingering weight yarn I ordered a while ago for a specific project, but then decided I wanted to use another yarn from my LYS, so I have this skein of Blue Label Fingering Weight in Pink Grapefruit just waiting on inspiration for a new project.

What shall I become?

Now to what I've managed to accomplish in the last few days...

I have been working away at my second cast on of Spider Silk.  Everything was going beautifully until two nights ago.  I somehow managed to mis-count again and was trying to tink back when I dropped a stitch (again).  Fortunately, I had begun using a lifeline after my last lace tragedy.  Unfortunately, when I looked down at my lifeline, I realized one end of it had worked it's way out of around 2 inches of the shawl.  Seriously?!?  I was ready to cry.  Or scream.  Or both.  At this point, I had around 40% of the shawl done.  I resisted the urge to rip it all out and throw it in the back yard and I held my breath as I strained to see where to re-run the lifeline.  The stitch is garter stitch and it's in fuzzy alpaca, so it was not so easy to see the right path.  Once I got it back in, I held my breath and ripped back then picked up the stitches that were left, counted the stitches, and can you believe it - I had exactly the number of stitches I was supposed to have for that row AND they were not a twisted mess! 


As therapy in between my struggles with lace, I cast on a pair of Athos socks.  I'm using Kaleidoscope by Blue Ridge Yarn, in the color Air Force.  As you can see, I haven't gotten very far but I'm looking forward to completing my first pair of hand knit socks!

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Love the sock pattern! It's one I hadn't seen before. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the shawl finished.

    1. I think I found the sock pattern through another knitting blog I follow, but I can't remember... : )


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