Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Storage Woes

I have a storage problem.  You’ve heard of “Storage Wars” on A&E TV, yes?  Well, I’m having a storage war of my own that looks nothing like the TV show and I am decidedly losing.

It’s the buttons, you see.  They seem to be appearing everywhere.

On top of my desk:

In my completely chaotic desk drawer:

A few in my “notions bag” which is really a converted makeup bag that I wasn’t using when I took up knitting:

There are also random bits of waste yarn sitting around:

And how about those yarn labels?  The little blue index card box in the picture is full of them.

Yes, that IS a giant plastic toothbrush you see.
No, my mouth isn't that big.  It was a gift.

For the record, I hate little bits of paper with notes on them.  I have all of my yarn for projects and my stash yarn updated on Ravelry.  So why, I ask you, do I feel the need to keep these labels?? 

Remember the “Unruly Pile O’Stuff” on my dining room table?  I cleaned it off several weeks ago, but I still manage to have two FOs and a pile of yarn from my recently frogged cardi.  And let’s not even go near the mess my closet is in with my yarn stash.

If you Google “yarn storage” you’ll see all sorts of nifty ways people store their stash: 

Re-purposed coffee cans or a wine rack;

You can find the source of these pics here.

This is interesting:  

Also very nice:

A knitting and sewing blogger friend of mine, Michelle over at tres bien ensemble, shared a very clever way she found to store her fabric stash.  You can see it here.  

All of these ideas are great, but I’m afraid my problem runs a bit deeper than just needing creative ways to store my stuffs.  I simply don’t have the room for any of these.  My house was already packed full with the various necessities of life before I added my knitting things.  What to do?  What to do?

I think the answer is obvious.  I need a bigger house.  Or at least an additional wing room that would be...

"Mine!  Mine!  All mine!!"

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  1. Isn't it funny how we never consider the obvious when it comes to yarn storage problems, that is not acquiring so much yarn in the first place? :-)

    I love the look of some of the storage pictures you have shown, but when I see examples like that I always have to wonder if they live in places where they don't have to worry about moths or other non-wool friendly critters. I keep my yarn in ziplock bags stuffed into plastic containers. I figure that way if a moth somehow found its way into a skein, at least the damage would be contained.

    1. Not acquiring yarn?? Wow, you're right...I never considered that! : )

      I know what you mean about moths. I have some skeins that are perilously unprotected at the moment because I'm short on plastic totes. Not a good thing in a climate where bugs are an issue all year round. Sigh...


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