Sunday, November 4, 2012

Disaster Confirmed

Well, it is now confirmed that I do not have enough yarn to finish my pretty little sweater.  I have contacted the person on Ravelry about her lonely skein for sale and I am waiting to hear if it is still available.  I've also asked Lady L. to see if there is a random skein of the color I need that I may have missed in the shop.  Now all I can do is wait and hope.  Best case scenario:  I find another skein of it somewhere and I wait for it to get here to finish the gift.  Worst case scenario:  I cannot get my hands on any more of what I need and I have to frog the entire sweater and start this gift over with another yarn.  I've thought about giving the pattern writer a piece of my mind, although there aren't many pieces left and it wouldn't change my predicament anyway, so what's the point?  Sigh...

On a brighter note, I believe I've found a suitable lace edging to dress up a pattern I'm making for another gift.  There aren't a lot of knitted lace edgings that I like and, although I learned to crochet as a kid, when I looked at the patterns for some beautiful crocheted edgings, I found that I really don't speak "crochet".  I never knew that much of the language to begin with.  At this point, I'd need some tutelage and I don't really have time for that with all of my many projects I need to get done before Christmas morning.

Now, it's after midnight (even though we roll the clocks back tonight) and I'm exhausted.  So I'm off to bed and hoping that tomorrow brings me good yarn news.


  1. Oh my goodness, that puppy! :)

  2. Yes, isn't she cute? This is why we have six dachshunds... :/


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