Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poisoned Rats

It is good to be back at my laptop this morning!  I’m back from a trip to Ohio over Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed seeing family, but this really should be forever remembered as “the vacation that was not a vacation.”  It is always impossible to see everyone you want to see and there is absolutely NO chance of actually getting anything remotely resembling rest on these types of trips.  It did serve to remind me of the two biggest reasons we left:  depressed economic conditions and the weather.  I felt kind of sad driving through my little hometown and the towns around it and seeing just how bad things are in comparison to where we’re living now.  And as for the weather, it really wasn’t half bad for the first part of the week – sunshine and fair temps.  If you’ve ever lived in Central and/or Northern Ohio, you know how unlikely it is to experience either of these things in November.  The cold returned with a vengeance on our last day there.  The morning we left it was 29 degrees (F) and snowing.  No thanks…

One thing I did determine on my vacation was that I was going to quit my new job.  Yes, I know it sounds awful to work a week someplace and then quit, but you already know how appallingly bored I was, and at this point in my life (ahem…let’s just say I’m over 40, shall we?), I know what I’m good at and what I’m not so good at.  Why waste time?  My decision was confirmed when I went in Monday morning after our return to find a slew of notes detailing a bunch of stuff that needed to be done that didn’t really have anything to do with office work, which is what was advertised and what I applied for.  The most disturbing note was the one that said, “There is a dead rat in unit #74.”  It proceeded to state that the person who cleaned it up (read: me) absolutely MUST wear a face mask and rubber gloves because there was a previous customer who nearly died from inhaling the fur of a poisoned rat. O_o  Yeah…I don’t do non-poisoned rats, let alone poisoned ones.

Again I say, NO THANKS.

So, I worked out the rest of the day and the people I worked for were very gracious and Tuesday morning I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I didn’t have to go back.  I guess I’ll figure out another way to pay for my yarn.  I have heard you can sell blood sometimes…

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Next post:  “Christmas Knitting Progress” OR “I Am NEVER Going To Get It All  Done”

How goes your Christmas knitting?

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  1. its been fairly nice but cool since you left...supposed to be in the 50's this weekend and its sunny! not bad for ohio! sorry it had to snow on your last day here...glad you decided to quit that awful job though!


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