Friday, November 16, 2012

On The Job - Day 5

I was going to begin this paragraph with, "Well," but then it occurred to me that I start sentences with ,"Well," far too often.  Well, I'm going to try and break that habit.  Or not.

It's Friday of the first week that I've been on this job and I must say, things have not picked up any.  I've done everything that I could think of to do and now I get to languish these last three hours until quitting time.  Actually, I spent a couple of hours this morning languishing as well.  The good news is, I have found the perfect use of my spare time here at the office that makes it seem as if I am busily at work to the casual observer.  I've been reading the Yarn Harlot archives.  I look busy, yet I am really killing time in a remarkably enjoyable fashion.  The picture to the right (or above, depending on your browser) is of one of her books, Yarn Harlot: the secret life of a knitter (available at Amazon - what isn't?). I only learned of the Yarn Harlot a few months ago, since I'm relatively new to this knitting stuff, and I must say, she has a GREAT blog, which is evidenced by the fact that I am actually reading all of the archives (she's been blogging since 2004). She's that good.  I have LOL'd a lot today.  Good thing I'm in the office by myself.  

In the meantime, I continue to plug away at my Christmas list.  I hit a snag (dirty word in knitting) with my beautiful Malabrigo sweater.  Well, not a snag, really, but I have to start something a little tricky and figured I'd best put it on hold until I can get back over to my LYS to see Lady L. and make sure I'm not going to screw the thing up.  This job has put a serious cramp in my LYS time.  Yet I needed the job to support my yarn habit.  Sad, isn't it?  Kind of like my own personal Gift of the Magi.  *sniff*

Since I put the Malabrigo project on hold, I have been stealthily working on the gift for my daughter, which I can't describe in the least at this point.  Not that she reads this blog, but as soon as I post details about her gift, she'd start (it's just how my life works).  I can't work on it in the evenings when she's home. I used to be able to work on it during the day before I got this fascinating job and since I still haven't made peace with pulling my knitting out while on the job, that leaves very little time.  To top it off, I decided to modify the pattern a little to make it more interesting but that means a bit more time on it and time is, as you know, at a premium.

Continental Style Knitting
I have two other sweaters to cast on yet but since this next week is Thanksgiving week, I decided instead to cast on an easy Christmas blanket - the only item on my Christmas knitting list that isn't a sweater.  It had better be done by Black Friday or else (I often threaten myself with unknown consequences).  It is mostly knit stitch with some colorwork mixed in, so I've decided it was a good project to practice my Continental style knitting.  I've wanted to try it for a while, even though I really don't see the point of it much if you have to do anything other than the knit stitch.  The experts might make purling in this style look easy but I'm here to testify that my fingers just aren't having it.  Why do we need two styles anyway?  Can't we all just knit along?

***  ***  ***

Questions of the day:  Do you knit Continental style?  Pros?  Cons?  How is your Christmas knitting coming along?


  1. It's like you knew I'd be reading this. :)

  2. I was knitting Continental style for years without knowing it. My sister actually pointed it out to me. It was just the style that I happened to read when I was teaching myself. Whatever works for you you should do. People are far to serious about knitting sometimes. If it turned out the way you wanted it to, who cares how you got there.

  3. Knitting blogs is how I get through slow work days also. Yarn Harlot is THE greatest knitting blog.


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