Monday, November 5, 2012

My Knitting Superhero

Okay, I SO meant to put up a post yesterday because 1) in a fit of insanity, I registered for NaBloPoMo, which I’ve obviously blown, and 2) because I have some fabulous news to share regarding my previously reported knitting disaster.  My only defense is that I actually went to bed around 6:30 p.m. last night, was asleep by 7:30 and slept the WHOLE night until 6:30 this morning.  Granted, I had a nagging headache all day and couldn’t seem to keep my eyes open from about 3 p.m. on.  For the record, The Husband thinks I might be over-doing it with the sweater-knitting for Christmas.  Naw…can’t be…

Lady L - My New Superhero
So, there emerges from my knitting disaster story a superhero of epic proportions:  Lady L.   You all know that in my despair I was searching anywhere and everywhere for a skein or two of discontinued yarn to salvage my “nearly completed but out of yarn” Christmas gift.  Well, because Lady L. is awesome, after she received my desperate cry for help, she did a search and found THREE (3) skeins of the yarn I need in the shop!  (and the angels sang)  When she told me what she’d found, she made a joke asking what I was willing to pay for them (you were joking, right??) and I did a happy dance and replied that I would pay with blood if necessary or would rough up anyone who might be giving her problems (I was totally NOT joking).  So Lady L. has now qualified for superhero status, at least in my book.  I’m thinking I will knit her a cape just as soon as I get through all this Christmas knitting…

On a side note, when the designer of the pattern (Thea Colman) heard of my predicament with running out of yarn, she sent a gracious message to me and offered to do what she could to make things right.  She also revised the pattern to up the required amount of yarn so it wouldn’t happen to anyone else.  How cool is that??  Yep, she’s earned a fan for life (besides, her designs are beautiful).

Anyway, I will pick up the yarn I need tomorrow and hopefully finish my pretty top-down sweater project in a day or two.  Since I’ve been at a standstill with that project, I cast on yesterday for the next sweater I’m knitting for Christmas.  I am using a Malabrigo Merino Worsted yarn.  I’ve used Malabrigo before, but not the Merino Worsted and I must say, I couldn’t be happier with it.  It is absolutely yummy.  I’ll be spending the rest of my knitting time today working on the cowl neck for the sweater, which is knit in a different direction than the rest of the sweater and requires a three-needle bind off.  Since I’ve never done that before, I’ll be taking it with me tomorrow to my LYS and getting some much-needed direction from my newly-christened superhero.  I’m dangerous enough with two needles, let alone three (Stitch Niche ladies – consider yourselves warned)…


  1. It is nice to find your blog! Do you really have six dachshunds? I can't even begin to imagine what six would be like!

  2. Yes, we really do! Five of them are mini-Dachshunds, but it really doesn't make that much of a difference. We used to breed them, which is why we have such a collection. And the collection is why we quit breeding, so we really have come full circle. I mean, how could I possibly be expected to sell ALL of the puppies in a litter when there was always that "one" who begged to be kept?? (It's all in the eyes, you know...)


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