Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Hate Sleeves

You guessed it.  I've been working most of the day on THE infamous sleeve.  I'm still not done.  All the increases are finished and I actually ended up with the correct number of stitches on the needles, which is always good.  But the thing is still too small around to fit on a single 16" circular so I continue to maneuver on two circulars, plus I have another 3" to go before I am finished with it.  And every time I think about being done with it and I get a bit giddy at the thought, a large, gray cloud pushes itself in front of the glorious ray of sunshine in my mind, thundering loudly, "You still have to do ANOTHER ONE!" (insert evil laugh here).

Of course the work would go a little faster if I was actually enjoying it.  Since I am not having a particularly good time, I keep setting it aside after a few rows and doing other important things, like staring into space.  This evening, I am able to stare at the TV, as my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes are playing at Indiana.  It has not been the best distraction however, since OSU is not playing particularly well, even though they are leading. Then I got the idea that I ought to write a blog post, which is just another blatant procrastination in the guise of doing something productive.  (Am I even allowed to use the word "procrastination" as a noun??)

Okay, so maybe I'll get back to the sleeve.  I may even finish it tonight.  But first, I think I'll just see what's in the fridge...


  1. Oh, I hear you! I have two stockinette sleeves until my current sweater is done, and I COULD NOT be less enthused. Keep plugging away, I guess!

  2. Susan, that's all we can do! I did manage to finish the one and have gotten a good start on the other. I'm trying to just "put my head down" and plow through!


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