Thursday, October 18, 2012


I don’t know if I would have fully discovered the joy of knitting had I not found a wonderful Local Yarn Shop (LYS)  - The Stitch Niche - just 20 minutes from me.  I learned about its existence by chance through a random encounter with another knitter at a sushi restaurant (thanks, Stacy!).  I’m sure I looked like a complete idiot when I first visited the place.  I mean, how intelligent can you look with your mouth hanging wide open as you realize you’ve somehow been transported to yarn heaven? 

The first room you walk into is the needlepoint section, which is overwhelming, even for someone who doesn’t needlepoint.  Beautiful canvases are hung over every inch of the walls and in the middle of this room sit two large tables, replete with every sort of “stitchy” notion piled in the center along with a large, bottomless bowl of candy that provides emergency chocolate when needed (and yes, it is often needed).  This is where all of the laboring and fawning (and occasional cursing and lamenting) over emerging masterpieces takes place.

But then…then…turning to the left and stepping through a doorway you find THE YARN!  Scads and scads of yarn!  Egyptian cotton, Merino wool, silk, lush angoras and cashmeres – sock yarn, baby yarn, fat yarn, skinny yarn…two rooms full of beautiful, glorious YARN!  It’s like Disney World for yarnies!!  A Magic Yarn Kingdom
Yeah, I get a little excited…

Thing is though, any store can have yarn.  I went to a store in New Orleans that had some nice yarn, but the place had a whole different vibe about it.  It was kind of “froo-froo”, if you know what I mean and about as big as a walk-in closet.  But my LYS - it was apparent immediately that this place was very special.  They offer help and instruction any time you need it – no appointment necessary.  How cool is that??  Plus, they are fluent in “knitspeak”.  They speak my language!  If you knit, you know what I’m talking about.  There’s that look that non-knitters get on their faces when you’re talking about your craft.  I think it’s probably close to the same look I get when The Husband comes home and talks about the networking issues that came up that day at work (although unlike those discussions, most people you talk to about knitting don’t beg you to quit before their head explodes).
The Rowdy Table on Knit Night
Tuesday nights are “knit nights”.  The name really doesn’t describe accurately everything that goes on.  Sure, there is plenty of knitting, but there is also crocheting, needlepointing (is that a word?), eating, drooling over yarn and the latest patterns, laughing, joking, harassing, and general revelry.  This is why I like it so much.  Who doesn’t enjoy general revelry?  All skill levels are represented, from the complete novice all the way up to the formerly introduced knitting goddess level of Lady L.  Most Tuesdays, every age level is represented as well, proving the fact that you do not have to be of grandmotherly age to love knitting.  I’m sure men are welcome to attend, but there haven’t been any since I started going.  The only exception has been when an occasional timid husband ventures in to drop off, pick up, or seek help with something of his wife’s at her behest, which is actually kind of amusing to watch (they’re so nervous!).  And then there is Sir David, Lady L’s husband who comes each Tuesday night to pick up and deliver our dinner orders, a weekly task which I personally believe qualifies him for sainthood.

The Masterful Lady L, aka Leona

My LYS is just a fabulous place to hang out, no matter what’s going on.  I am grateful for the new friendships I have formed there and for the invaluable encouragement and advice I’ve received.  It’s like a little piece of heaven on earth all wrapped up in a fuzzy, hand-knit blanket.  Ahh…

Tell me about your LYS!


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