Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Well, the final presidential debate was on TV last night which basically meant I couldn’t watch any of my regular shows.  I don't mean to sound so apathetic.  I really am engaged in the process.  I've done my homework, know the issues, and I have listened to each candidate's positions (along with a whole lot of unnecessary and annoying political pundits on both sides adding to the drama).  So unless one of the candidates had decided to do something crazy like vow to outlaw coffee and chocolate, my vote wasn’t going to be affected by these two guys bloviating and spewing political arrows at each other.  But this isn't a blog about politics (thankfully).  It is a blog about knitting.  And what goes great with knitting?  TV, of course.  Which brings me to discuss one of the greatest accessories to knitting that I’ve found to date…

Seriously, I've developed a whole new appreciation for my Netflix subscription.  I can find something to watch any time.  And bonus:  no commercials!  Even when I DVR stuff at home to watch later, I have to stop my knitting and fast forward through the commercials (because enduring the commercials if I don’t have to is certainly not an option).  This is not only irritating but has occasionally caused me to have to frog a row (or several) because I lost track of where I was – which never would have happened to me in my 20s but, seeing as how I just celebrated my 30th birthday for the 17th time…

I find myself enjoying the old TV series even more than the movies.  It’s great!  For shows that have episodes that end with “To be continued…” I can “continue” it right then and there.  No waiting for next week to find out what happens!  I’m currently plowing through every episode of The X-Files.  I don’t normally watch too many creepy shows but have always liked Mulder and Scully.  I’m pretty keen on British TV series too, and older American shows that I watched growing up.  Funny though, when I watch the shows I watched as a kid, I find myself amazed at how poor the acting is in many of them.  Especially the ones from the 70s.  And the music…ha!  Groovy, man. 

Netflix also works nicely when The Husband decides to watch one of his favorite highly entertaining shows that I don’t really care to watch.  Shows like “American Hoggers”, “Hardcore Pawn”, or “Lizard Lick Towing.”  Hard to imagine I don’t care to watch these shining examples of American television excellence, I know.  Thankfully, I can just plug my headphones into my tablet and continue my Netflix journey through “The X-Files” to see how Mulder and Scully handle the homicidal monster made from mud that was animated with magical words uttered by a Hassidic Jew whose fiancé was brutally murdered by some thugs who deserved to get it in the end anyway. 

Now THAT’S quality TV…

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What do you do while knitting?

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  1. I usually combine my daytime knitting with saying "no" over and over to Miles & Sophia. We have Hulu Plus as well as Netflix so there is never a shortage of tv watching options. Aubrey & I like to watch Remington Steele while knitting and/or needlepointing. It's highly entertaining.


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